Public Engagement Period

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Eastern Will County is experiencing substantial growth that is affecting transportation, land use, and safety. According to the Will County Community Freight Mobility Plan, over three million containers flow through the County annually. Eastern Will County is a strategic location for warehousing, transportation, and logistics and to remain a strategic location, people and goods must be able to move through the County safely and efficiently. This study is intended to utilize stakeholder input to develop a range of alternatives, or options, for improving mobility, safety, economic development, and commerce. 

An online public engagement period will take place of the traditional public meeting due to Covid-19 from November 30 to December 31, 2020. The goal of this online public engagement period is to solicit feedback, create awareness of the project, and to help the project team develop a purpose and need for the study.

What is a purpose and need? 

Developing a purpose and need for a study is one of the first major milestones in project development. The need helps us understand the problems and deficiencies in the study areas and the purpose is how to address what is identified.

Public comments will be accepted during the entire study process through the project website, but comments made through the MetroQuest survey will help us develop the purpose and need. The survey closed on December 31, 2020.



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